Monday, December 07, 2009

For you my Love

Race with me down to city hall my love. We shall push the speed limit and all the guards of the city will miss our car because cupid has distracted them. With feet clamoring across the skids our car just made we race up the steps to city hall (OH Please God tell me they have not closed) On time indeed, Yes oh Soon we shall be true lovers! Up to the official we race as freshman during the Track and Field finals. As cold air enters a diner I get cold feet, “is this smart, my love?” I think. You see my thoughts translating themselves on my face through the lines and sinking smile. The court house gains a feeling of a…tomb. With the patience like that of someone with nineteen children my lover stands in front of me, ready to go through hades and swim in the fire of doubt with me. Somehow, in some way (God are you this direct?) I realize as my lover stands there that she’ll be there, for me always. She could tell me to hurry, to get myself together, to grow up, but she’s patience. She puts up with my snags and ugliness and all the things that make me a creature of the night. I pull myself back to earth, back to her and back to the courthouse. As a set of reeds flow in the breeze our minds sway into sync and The Beautiful monster of Progress flies once again. First we each take a step, then another, her arm suddenly gains the strength of a bargeman and a sound of pure joy (which I could hardly begin to describe how that thrills me) leaps out of her mouth. Almost like the depth of doubt ever happened we are sprinting just as before. We meet the official and words go so fast from our twenty-something mouths that he asks us to repeat ourselves. Words like lighting take us to a horrible and painful existence, WITNESS. Our Official repeats for our hasty love soaked brains, “Did you bring a witness for your marriage?”

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