Monday, October 29, 2007


I think I'm on a roll with the blog. This happens to be the second day
in a row that I posted. Call the authorities, just kidding. Anyway, the
middle of the day had this definite rhythm to it. I went over to Taco
Bell (I really LIKE TACO BELL john!)to pick up some lunch. I ran into
some guys from High School, one who is decent (like in HS) and one who
is an ass (like in HS). At first I thought, "I'm not going to say
anything then I realized that would be very high school to do that. It
turns out the first guy works a steady waiter gig up the street and the
other majored in "Molecular Biology." He sounded like an uptight
prick when I asked him what he majored in at Vandy, Molecular Biology. Maybe I just expected him to sound like that. Que sera, sera. It was a good day. P.S. The original Dracula has NO soundtrack and remains to keep me interested.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Autumn Breaks Free

After a week of drizzle and general weather gloominess (other people think it's gloomy) I am a little more inspired. The weekend probably hit a low point yesterday when I did a very high school thing, I compared myself to other people. I thought, "Well, lots of people my age doing _____ or _____ right now on a saturday night." Instead of thinking rationally I allowed that thought to cloud my mind, however some creepy apocalyptic reading helped my mindset. I am reading (and have been for sometime) The Stand. There are several characters and at 1000+ pages it is a whammee.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tough Stuff

As a member of the great and highly questionable community of internet viewers I failed. I failed to maintain a level of relevance. Honestly I was very surprised to discover that an old version of my passwork worked. I think I use it for something else, maybe paypal. But the 'failure' that I speak of probably doesn't deserve the name. During the time between my last post and this one a great deal of stuff occurred. A poor, fake blonde, actress died. People used the word 'surge' more often than the citrus soft drink with the same name. Al Gore received a Nobel Peace Prize. He cannot have the last sentence of tonight's blog so I will leave you with a much better name, Grace Kelly. Just Google the chick if you have not see or heard of her. Classic Beauty