Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sandwich making & unemployment

Many points in life simply move forward like a small line of beads, missed & barely analyzied by the mind. But then there are those distinct moments when one of those drops skips out of line, marking the end of one line and the beginning of another. My particular spot occurred roughly 22 days ago, the day on which Barry made his way into the white House and the history books. They let me go. I was a little surprised, but as soon as the words, “Ben, could you come to Jim’s (GM) office when you get a chance? came out of my boss’s mouth my Gut said, “This is it.” How often has my boss the owner of the store asked me to meet him in Jim’s office? Close to never
So yeah, I am unemployed and if you think of me I would appreciate a prayer or two. I realize that God WILL provide I’m just not sure how. Last line of business before I scoot out for the evening. I almost threw the above image away, then I noticed something. It has a recipe for a sandwich and “METHOD?” Is method code for directions for ignorant people? I have never seen ‘directions’ for a sandwich. The clear goop on the image is known as a "booger" in the Design world.

BTW – I have a crush. I hope she feels the same way.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009