Friday, June 09, 2006

travel from l'abri

amidst the fields and smalls towns with quaint shops and friendly people, I realize the gift of friendship is a precious and beautiful thing. The time from thursday afternoon and up until this point have been spent in germany, at a friend's place, along with my bud from l'abri. I have already exceeded my average protien intake by three times, at least. oh, and it's nice that most things are fairly cheap. The food is great and the wine is cheap. The time hear has been a different kind of passing, one of observation and contemplation.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

life is constant

Many situations and various events have happened over the last week or so. Some of them have been frustrating, while some have been extremely joyous. The influx of new people and the constant exposure to other termers (students here till July 20) has been somewhat exhausting, but we've learned a lot from eachother. I've just learned to balance out more study and alone time lately. Today began gloriously bright, especially with some new snow on the tops and a clear blue sky. However, by the time we arrived in Montreux it became gloomy with clouds and the occasional rain drops. The pizza was overpriced, but the coffee was great and we continued the conversation (with some reluctance on my part) about relationships and when you should define them. So far this appears to be the only slight disadvantage of travelling with girls only.
A flying angel caught my attention as the train pushed out of montreux, and soon enough i was napping and attempting to analyze the afternoon.